Saturday, April 10, 2021

In Between is Not Other.. It's BOTH

 I think one thing that is important to clarify... even to those that find themselves "in between" on political issues or other things.. is that in between doesn't mean OTHER... it's not a 3rd option, even though many like to choose that identity to try to draw connections to others and such.  You see this in LGBTQ community... literally CALLING themselves another community.. as well as those that are being rejected by one group or another.  However, doing so not only serves to confuse themselves but others in trying to relate to you.

I am politically independent... like REALLY.. not by choice but by my opinion choices.  I find myself approving of things on both sides, so it's not just from not wanting to BE political.  Those would be A-political, just as A-sexual people don't want sex with ANYONE.  However, someone that IS wanting to be involved but just happens to share characteristics of more than one group often finds themselves being rejected by both sides... not because they fail to share things with them but because they share things with another group, as well.

However, I'm not anti... either.  I'm not anti conservative or anti liberal, even though I have criticism for both, because I support some positions that each group promotes.  I think that ANY reasoning individual would have to find themselves in such a state over one position or another.  Indeed, I think that many WITHIN each political group ... if they were honest... would say they are not 100% on board with the platforms of their party, even if it has become nearly impossible for people to speak up within their parties.  Indeed, this reality is one reason that I have not fully taken on the non binary label for my gender, even though I have said that I didn't really fit in the stereotype of men.  Because, on a gender level, there ARE some things within myself that is masculine... obviously.. and some things that don't fit the current definition.  However, that doesn't mean that I'm ready to jump ship or call myself something new, because... the reality is that I'm NOT a 100% new gender, even though I respect those that choose to think that way.  Everyone has a different way to define and develop themselves, and I support everyone's choices to do it... whether that be GENDER or POLITICS.

However, the more we separate ourselves by where we differ, the more difficult it becomes to talk and work on where we agree.  So, I just thought it important to post this to say that with my politics, I'm not AGAINST both party voters, even if I post my criticism more than my promotions.  I am independent, because I AGREE with both of the parties, and my hope is that this overlap would grow large enough to bring our wounded nation together.

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