Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Don’t Need It or It Won’t Matter

 So, another issues post... this one on a reality that is ignored by both parties in their delusions.  The truth behind wealth inequality.

I said both sides, and you might be thinking it’s a Democrat message to talk about wealth inequality.  That’s true, but that’s because they are only after money.. and that’s the problem.

Let’s talk about the two sides under the headings “don’t need it” and “it won’t matter.”

Don’t Need It

So, on one side, you have those that have money, credit, and college access without student loans.  The problem is... they don’t actually need them as much.  In many cases, the rich get things as a perk from apartments, restaurants, etc..free.  Credit it routinely given to those with assets to pay.  But, they HAVE the assets and so don’t need credit.  Finally, they CAN get a degree, but the reality is the kids of the rich have access to their daddy’s business often.. and others give their kids jobs (or wives) to gain favor of the dad for his money... I.e. Hunter Biden.

It Won’t Matter

On the other side, the poor don’t have money, credit, or schools, so the Democrats offer that to the poor in terms of government benefits, government loans, or student loans.  However, if you are on government benefits, it is usually a strike against you for housing and location.  For each of the types of loans, you can either start a business or go to school, but since you are repaying the loan, you at best can earn enough to pay the loans on interest and net barely over non loan income.  At worst, you will find the degree or loan doesn’t matter without connections or experience and find yourself buried in debt.

The in between..

We need to recognize these realities and stop assuming everyone is on equal footing, and we need to stop using hope from debt to pay for more debt and provide REAL opportunities for those that are willing to put forth the effort to rise.

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