Sunday, March 28, 2021

Immigration and Security

 The biggest political news that is ripping the Democrat party apart as we speak is the doublespeak and about face of Biden on immigration, though it was not a surprise coming... I predicted just this, as well as others we are beginning to see, the moment that Biden got the nomination.  Before you think this is an anti Democrat piece, my message has been and is that Biden defrauded the left for votes and betrayed the principles he spoke to get in office.  I said the same of Trump at the beginning of his term in many ways.

However, as I noted in last year's posts, Obama-Biden BUILT the prisons and the policy of family separation and kids being imprisoned in cages on the border, so what is the likelihood he would undo them... none.  Now, here we are, and ALL of the Trump prisons are being used as well as others, kids are being shipped off to prisons in other states.  The conditions at the prisons are as bad as ever.

This week, Biden came on tv to say it would be heartless to turn kids away that came to the border and that he was acting with compassion to imprison them, even though it was heartless for Trump to do it in his term by his assessment.  Further, he said that he was working with Mexico and other countries to turn back ALL immigrants that came to the border, except children... which sounds a lot like either kidnapping or engaging in child trafficking.  

So, when Trump was building a wall and turning people away, it was unamerican.  But, when Biden does it, its compassion.  The reality is that BOTH Presidents dealt with the same realities, though neither "side" acknowledges the other factors in their political rhetoric.  Here is a better assessment of the arguments and challenges each side faces.


It is true that the country is build on immigrants and immigrants are used for many migrant tasks by employers from both parties.  It is true that many people want to come to our country, because it is a good country with many enhancements of life.  It is also true that BOTH parties have slowed the intake of immigrants, so we have a backlog of people trying to legally immigrate here that stretches many years or decades before their number being called.  Further, despite the fact that people in other lands have less skills and opportunities, both parties have put limits on who they take as being able to contribute to the economy, meaning the most needy will not be called.  Therefore, people make a desperate journey for their kids to be able to grow up in a better land, and there should be more intake of those legitimately entering the border.


HOWEVER, it is true that not all of those coming to the border have legitimate needs that reflects the above description.  There are drug cartels, terrorists, and an active human trafficking chain operating on the border, including sex trafficking.  When the prisons are full, they are rushing people into the border, using FEMA at present that is not equipped to either check their criminal background or screen for Covid, which is another concern.  When people at the border are cleared for entry, they give them a court date, which they may or may not show up for...and many are currently not even being given the court date but are released directly into the country, untracked.  While I am AGAINST government tracking and control of people, this DOES present challenges in the post 9-11 world of allowing terrorist or other country cells to populate in the country to be activated at assigned times.

The Middle

We need to be able to distinguish between immigrants with legitimate purposes and those without and the only way to do that is either through a system of processing that is increased or by holding them until they are cleared.  The prison conditions are horrible, so maybe until they are improved they are sent back at the border.  We need to improve the methods of holding them, so we are not inflicting human rights abuses on them, and we need to end the practice of taking kids from their hispanic mothers and giving them to White mothers in foster care in a very racist fashion and send them back to their mothers in other lands... respecting their parentage.  When we find a runaway in our country, we don't just give them a new family.

Meanwhile, we need to do a better job of background checks on not only immigrants but gun checks and more.  The guns are not the issue, as much as immigration, in this's about our failure to do a thorough job screening out those dangerous.

This issue has been used to rally votes and dollars, but both sides do the same thing.  We have been turned against each other over the "kids in cages" that exist in the other party and justify them in another party.  Maybe... instead... we should recognize both have been trying to operate in an unfunded system to process the great number of people that want to have our .. freedoms... such as they used to be.  MAYBE, instead of talking about the kids in cages, we use a little of the political money being used to campaign on them to actually improve the conditions of the holding facilities in which they are kept... or... was that not the point?

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