Saturday, March 27, 2021

If It Bleeds

 I saw that Stephen King recently named his book, “If It Bleeds,” and I think that is fitting in the society in which we find ourselves.  

People have become hardwired to look for the negative or the scandal or the gossip.  They don’t look for people suffering to help but people qualified for their scorn.  Shortly after Biden was elected, there was an honest discussion in media circles about what the news would cover, and Saturday Night Live ratings fell, since neither wanted to criticize the Democrat leader.  After that, they started attacking Trump, even though he was out of office and equating other Republicans to him.

But, it’s not just on the left.  The right has been making the case that our society as we know it will come to an end with the Democrats in office.

The reality is that news channels want ratings, politicians need fundraising and vote incentives, and they all are more interested in conflict than solutions.  The only is we have is whether we would rather have results of if we want to profit off conflict.. as even King did in picking that title.

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