Friday, March 26, 2021

Happy In Between

 In the past, I have done personal, lifestyle, and political blogs; and they have had limited successes.  However, one issue that plagued all of them (and my own life) is the DEMAND by many readers to pick a side in their debates or fill the roles of a stereotype.  However, I am an independent by nature, meaning that I like to make up my own mind and use reason and emotion to guide me.

Recently, I withdrew from political posts, after years of doing them.  It was my goal in both cases of supporting one side or the other to help defend the victims and advocate for freedoms.  Yet, our culture is rapidly moving towards Roman coliseum "thrown them to the lions" intolerance and hatred on both sides.  We have lost the ability to listen and consider the other side's arguments and see what elements with which we might agree.  Further, there is literal violence being done by both sides, and the news camps have crafted media coverage to only call their "side" of victims as victims and to ignore the other side or even suggest they brought it on themselves.

This cycle will end in dissolution of society and perhaps the country, and it will plague us all in daily defensiveness, paranoia, and inability to learn.

At first, I was just going to live my own life and ignore it, and by am large that is going to be my main plan.  However, I want to do my own part to try to repair the rift that has happened.... not only between political parties but social cohesiveness and acceptance.  Each post will try to show the value in BOTH sides and some areas in which we can agree, as well as allowing for your own combination of what you accept.

I also want to use this blog to show that it is OK to be NEITHER side in the arguments or even neither side in GENDER or RELIGION or such.  It is acceptable to take from BOTH sides in forming YOUR life of which only you are the person responsible for creating and only to whom you have to justify it.

This is just the beginning post, and I will be adding more posts and sponsors and such in the days and weeks to come, as well as things to enjoy on the site, daily, without hostility. 

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