Monday, March 29, 2021

Gender Stereotypes, Exile, and Discrimination

 Someone within my very small group of close connections is transgender.. although they don’t let anyone know as they felt it out, and I respect and support that.  I’ve talked myself about the challenges faced by not fitting into your group, and anyone that’s followed my posts over the years has heard me talk about what it’s like growing up and being literally mocked and bullied for not being like the other boys.

So, let’s talk about that.

Imagine that you grow up not fitting into the groups and being not only different but made to feel broken or bad for just being driven by your own likes and dislikes that don’t fit the mold of contemporary society.  I say contemporary, because just looking at figures in history like Shakespeare or Jesus for that matter finds others that don’t fit the mold ... indeed it is for their reason I don’t completely reject masculinity.  I’m just born out of time,

So... you grow up and realize it is GOOD to be yourself.  So, you start following your interests and living your life within context of your church, your school, your area.. and suddenly the bullies are back saying... you can’t be yourself here.

Now... you tell me... when that person cuts away from the groups and forms their own... who was the cause... the one that was looking to just not be judged for their own choices or the society that said they are EVIL to conform to the personality God gave them?  Maybe... if society had opened their arms to THEIR form of man, woman, believer, etc they could have added to the entire group and felt loved and secure.  But, that option was not given to them.

So.. the next time you judge trans people for trying to DESTROY society, maybe stop and consider if society made room for them...

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